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Arms of East Suffolk (Coastal)

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Arms of Yorkshire

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1 18370nline gives birth in Apr - Jun 1852 in Hoxne RD (ref no: 4a 510).

1871 Census shows Arthur Precious (19 years born Wingfield) working as Apprentice Provision Merchant with Charles Wicks (34 years born Carlton, Suffolk, occupation Provision Merchant) and family at 43 High Street, Lowestoft.

1837online shows a marriage in Oct - Dec 1877 in Holborn (ref no:1b 1125).

1881 Census shows Arthur A Precious lodging at 74 Glenarm Road, Hackney, London (Head of Household given as William Howitt) together with wife (Emma J) and occupation given as Commercial Traveller (also states born in Leiston, Suffolk which cannot be the correct).

1891 Census shows Arthur Precious (39 years born Wingfield, occupation Tea Traveller), wife Emma J (39 years born Bungay) and 3 children: Amy A (7 years born Hackney), Annie E (5 years born hackney) and Edith K (2 years born Hackney) living at 39 Spurstowe(?) Road, Hackney.

1837 online shows a second marriage in Jan - Mar 1901 in Camberwell (GRO ref no: 1d 848). One child from wife’s previous marriage joins his three natural children.

1901 Census shows an Arthur Precious age 49 years born in Wingfield, Suffolk living at 298 Oxford Street, Mile End Old Town, London with profession as Grocer (owner working at home).

1837online shows death (aged 63) of an Arthur A Precious in Apr - Jun 1915 in W.Ham (ref no: 4a 325). Death certificate shows died on 2 May 1915 aged 63 years at 55 New Fulbrook(?) Road, Leytonstone RD. Name given as Arthur Allan Precious and occupation as Commercial Traveller. Informant was T(?) R Gilbert (son-in-law) of 182 New Hall Road, Leytonstone. 
PRECIOUS, Arthur Allen (I151)
2 1837online gives birth as Allan John in Jan - Mar 1863 in Plomesgate RD (ref no: 4a 652)

NBI gives age at burial as 4 months. 
PRECIOUS, Allen John (I38)
3 1837online gives birth in Apr - Jun 1850 in Depwade RD (ref no: XIII [13] 45).

Living at home and unmarried at time of 1881 Census.

NBI gives age at burial as 46 years.

1837online gives death in Jan - Mar 1897 in Blything RD (ref no: 4a 553). Age given as 46 years. 
PRECIOUS, Rosa Wilhelmina (I107)
4 1837online gives birth in Jan - Mar 1875 in Plomesgate RD (ref no: 4a 701).

NBI gives age at burial as “infant”.

FamilyRelatives.com gives death in Plomesgate RD in 1st Q 1875 (ref: Plomesgate 4a 527).

Buried at St. Andrew’s Church, Marlesford, Suffolk. 
PRECIOUS, Ellen Julia (I29)
5 1837online gives birth in Jan - Mar 1884 in Hackney (ref no: 1b 578).

1837online shows a marriage in Apr - Jun 1907 in Mile End RD (GRO ref no: 1c 561). Name given as Amy Adelaide. TO BE CHECKED.

Amy’s father’s death certificate shows informant was a T.R. Gilbert (son-in-law) which could be husband. 
PRECIOUS, Amy Adelaide (I236)
6 1837online gives birth in JanFebMar 1867 (ref: Chichester 2b 313 or 343).

Living at 23 Gledhow Gardens, South Kensington, London at time of marriage in 1897.

1901 census gives age as 36 years which disagrees with birth date.

Located burial record at The Mount Cemetery, Guildford (Entry No: 3787) 
HORLER, Augusta Agnes (I113)
7 1837online gives birth in Jul - Sep 1856 in Hoxne RD (ref no: 4a 464).

Lived in Fressingfield through 1861 and 1871. Probably left home by 1881. 
PRECIOUS, Harriet (I75)
8 1837online gives birth in Jul - Sep 1869 in Plomesgate RD (ref no: 4a 626). PRECIOUS, John (I42)
9 1837online gives birth in Jul - Sep 1871 in Plomesgate RD (ref no: 4a 636).

IGI gives birthplace as Ipswich, Suffolk (hospital?).

Lived in Farnham, Suffolk in 1881. 
PRECIOUS, Henry Thomas (I43)
10 1837online gives birth in Jul - Sep 1877 in Plomesgate RD (ref no: 4a 691).

Lived with family in Marlesford, Suffolk until moved to Bredfield, Suffolk abt 1879, and to North Green, Parham, Suffolk abt 1886.

Shown as living in Hammersmith, London when married in 1900 (possibly working for Farmers Union when met wife who was working as a barmaid at the Bull &Bush). After marriage, briefly worked on a farm in Kelvedon, Essex during 1900 (farm belonging to Jimmy Smith who married his sister, Eva) before returning to his father’s farm at North Green, Parham by the time of the 1901 Census. Moved to a farm in Letheringham, Suffolk in 1903, and then worked as dairyman/master dairyman in Gorleston, Norfolk during period 1906-1908, before moving to Shelley, W.Yorkshire abt 1909.

Worked as farmhand for Barden’s Size Works (knackers yard) in Bank Bottom, Shelley where farmed some 400 acres and looked after the horses (about 20?). During The Great War ran teams of wagons (each with 4 horses) taking size to aircraft factories in Birmingham and Kidderminster, with coachman called Skipper or Pool (?). Lived at Barden’s Yard until 1921(?) when moved to Stove Row (?) and worked on farm (Ponker Farm?) in Skelmanthorpe for Johnny Hinchcliffe. Became Farm Bailiff at Wood Lea Farm (Firth’s Mill) in 1923 (?). Purchased Field Head Farm abt 1936, which passed to his son Tom on his death in 1960 and was eventually sold on Tom’s death in 1977.

Buried in the churchyard at St. Paul’s Church, Shepley, W.Yorkshire. 
PRECIOUS, Jesse Teager (I5)
11 1837online gives birth in Jul -Sep 1853 in Plomesgate RD (ref no: 4a 525).

Lived with mother Harriet in Woodbridge in 1881.

Free BMD gives marriage in June 1883 in Woodbridge (ref: 4a 1012). 
PRECIOUS, Sarah (I55)
12 1837online gives birth in Oct - Dec 1850 in Henstead RD (ref: Henstead 13 164).

1881 Census shows working as Laundry Maid at the Vicarage, Warren Lane (?), East Tuddenham, Norfolk. Age given as 30 years and birthplace as Poringland, Norfolk.

FamilyRelatives.com gives death aged 30 years in Mitford RD in 4th Q 1881 (ref: Mitford 4b 163). Presumably died while working at the Vicarage, East Tuttenham, which is in Mitford RD. 
PRECIOUS, Ellen Frances (I484)
13 1837online gives birth in Oct - Dec 1850 in Hoxne RD (ref no: XIII [13?] 447).

Living in Mendham, Suffolk at time of 1901 Census. 
PRECIOUS, Harriet (I54)
14 1837online gives birth in Oct - Dec 1871 in Plomesgate RD (ref no: 4a 620).

Family moved to Bredfield, Suffolk in 1879/1880 and then to North Green, Parham, Suffolk in abt 1885. Probably left home by the 1891 Census. At time of marriage in 1897, living at 18 Kensington High Street, London and working as a butcher. Witness at younger brother, Jesse Teager’s, wedding in 1900 in Hammersmith (Augusta Agnes also a witness).

1901 Census shows living at 30 Coburg Road, Teddington, Middlesex with occupation of Butchers Manager.

Worked as a butcher/buyer for Mercer & Co, High Street, Guildford, Surrey from abt 1925, living at 4 Foxenden Road until death in 1954. Miss K J C Bennett (housekeeper) given as informant on death certificate. Obituary in Surrey Advertiser January 8th 1955 and church service /burial on 4th January 1955 was attended by Hugh Smith and Jesse Precious (described as nephews) amongst others. Buried at The Mount Cemetery, Guildford, next to his wife (no headstone).

Photo in Richard’s collection has annotation that he received a certificate from Butchers Federation on December 15th 1939 that he was one of the Best Buyer’s and Manager’s in the South of England.

Had no children of his own but possibly brought up Janet, daughter of sister Eva (Hugh Precious personal communication). 
PRECIOUS, Thomas (I27)
15 1837online gives birth in Oct - Dec 1878 in Hoxne RD (ref no: 4a 636). PRECIOUS, Florence Mary (I112)
16 1837online gives birth in Oct - Dec 1920 in Epsom RD (ref no: 2a 69). Mothers maiden name given as Beswick. TO BE CHECKED.

Josie confirmed name of greatgrandmother is Emily Jane Kippin. 
PRECIOUS, John Graham Hunt (I367)
17 1837online gives death in Apr - Jun 1899 in Woodbridge RD (ref no: 4a 528). Age given as 61 years.

Will proven 1899 (probate granted in Ipswich to William Gibbs, Merchant’s Manager, effects £142.9s.7d). 
?, Mary Ann (I108)
18 1837online gives death of a Stanley W Chuter in Jul - Sep 1949 in Blandford RD (ref no: 6a 344).

According to Ian Mills, his family originally came from Seale near Farnham then moved to Lion Green, Shottermill. 
CHUTER, Walter Stanley (I391)
19 1837online shows birth as Gerard Allen in Oct - Dec 1861 in Plomesgate RD (ref no: 4a 563).

NBI gives age at burial as 5 months, which gives birthdate as abt Sep 1861. Also gives name as Gerard Allen. 
PRECIOUS, Gerard Allen (I37)
20 1837online shows birth in Oct - Dec 1870 in Plomesgate RD (ref No: 4a 626).

1881 Census gives birthplace as Marlesford, Suffolk.

1891 Census shows him living at Home Farm, Parham with widowed father and family. Occupation given as Miller.

Not found in 1901 Census (left home or even emigrated? - see below).

Emigrated to Canada some time later and worked in forestry (postcard in Richard’s collection sent to brother Jesse from Canada in 1916?). Living at 356 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, Ontario when enlisted as a Private in the Canadian Expeditionary Force on 4th June 1917 (at age 46 years and 8 months) during WW1. Assigned to 14th Draft Canadian Railway Contruction Battalion (Regimental Number 2497532). Sailed from Halifax to Liverpool on SS ’Justicia’ on 22nd June 1917 (disembarked 4th July 1917) and was assigned to Canadian Forestry Company based at Sunningdale. Medical records indicate he suffered from emphysema and myalgia of left arm aggravated by the wet, damp conditions in UK and was assigned to Canadian Discharge Depot on 22nd September 1917, pending repatriation to Canada (Ravine Barracks, Toronto) on 18th October 1917 via Liverpool. Discharged as Physically Unfit on 11th February 1918 (living at 30 Sullivan Street, Toronto). Next of Kin given as Jesse Precious (Father) living at Oulton Broad, Suffolk although address was later changed to Hove Villas, Devon Road, Felixstowe (the address of sister Bessie and George Merton).

Some time later (date?), returned to UK and bought Rayburn Woods (?), a wood products company in southern England (lived in a gypsy caravan?). Sold this and owned a poultry farm in Essex. Details from personal communication with Hugh Precious (uncle).

Died at 142 Rayne Road, Bocking (informant F J Pinner) from Carcinoma of the Stomach and Cachezia (?), aged 67 years. Death certificate gives occupation as Poultry Farmer at Vent of Houses, White Colne, Halstead in Essex.

Thought to have lived and died in Great Glemham in 1960’s (unmarried), according to personal communication with Corinna Davie (Parham Recorder). Must have been another Precious as Stanley died in 1938 aged 67 years. 
PRECIOUS, Stanley John Barker (I26)
21 1837online shows birth in Apr - Jun 1866 in Plomesgate RD (ref no: 4a 670).

John Hunt & Family shown as living in Farnham, Suffolk in 1881.

1881 Census shows an Ernest Precious (14 years born Great Glemham), described as Grandson, staying with John Precious and family at North Green, Parham. 
PRECIOUS, Ernest (I40)
22 1837online shows birth in Apr - Jun 1868 in Hoxne RD (ref no: 4a 550). PRECIOUS, Mary Anne (I70)
23 1837online shows birth in Apr - Jun 1873 in Plomesgate RD (ref no: 4a 679).

Had 4 daughters and 1 son. After Eva’s death aged 35 years, second daughter (Kate) stayed at home, third daughter (Vi) looked after by Eva’s sister Kate and her husband Percy, and fourth daughter (Janet) by brother Thomas and his wife (Augusta Agnes). This information given personally by Hugh Precious.

Death certificate registered 21 Nov 1908 gives cause of death as childbirth (11 days embolism syncope).

The other daughter (Rosa) was Eva’s illegitimate daughter prior to her marriage, who went into service and changed her name to Precious. 
PRECIOUS, Eva Wenden (I28)
24 1837online shows birth in Apr - Jun 1876 in Plomesgate RD (ref no: 4a 742).

Free BMD Rootsweb gives birth as June 1876 in Plomesgate (ref: 4a 742)

Lived in Farnham, Suffolk in 1881.

1901 Census shows a Harriet Precious aged 24 years born in Little Glemham, Suffolk and living at 23 Emery Street, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire as adopted daughter of Thomas Burr (63 yrs), retired Woodcarver and his wife Marianne (67 yrs). Obviously, natural father (John Hunt Precious) has died by 1901 and she has been adopted by this family (relation not known). 
PRECIOUS, Harriet May (I105)
25 1837online shows birth in Apr - Jun 1888 in Hackney (ref no: 1b 502). PRECIOUS, Edith Kate (I239)
26 1837online shows birth in Apr - Jun 1893 in Alverstoke RD (ref no; 2b 551). PRECIOUS, Elsie May (I376)
27 1837online shows birth in Jan - Mar 1861 in Plomesgate RD (ref no: 4a 623).

1881 Census shows unmarried, living with widowed mother and working as solicitors clerk.

1901 Census shows living in East Dereham, Norfolk with profession as Solicitors Clerk.

Kelly’s Directories for 1904 and 1912 show Henry Thomas Precious working as Secretary to the East Dereham Corn Exchange and living at 16 Elvin Road, East Dereham. 
PRECIOUS, Henry Thomas (I129)
28 1837online shows birth in Jan - Mar 1863 in Plomesgate RD (ref no: 4a 657).

1881 Census shows unmarried, living with widowed mother and working as pupil teacher. 
PRECIOUS, Ellen Louisa (I130)
29 1837online shows birth in Jan - Mar 1868 in Plomesgate RD (ref no: 4a 664).

Visiting William Bicker (40 years born Great Glemham) and his wife, Maria (42 years born Heveningham(?), Suffolk) and their son Alfred (16 years), a butcher in the Thoroughfare, Saxmundham at time of the 1871 Census. Age given as 3 years and born in Great Glemham. Relationship to Head shown as Niece (?).

Visiting Aunt Ellen (daughter of Allen and Harriet Precious and married to William Clow) in Little Glemham at time of 1891 Census.

1901 Census shows still at aunt’s house (probably stayed there since her father died?). Age given as 33 years. No occupation given.

1837 Online shows death (aged 38) in Apr-Jun 1906 in Plomesgate RD (ref no: 4a 529) 
PRECIOUS, Florence (I41)
30 1837online shows birth in Jan - Mar 1872 in Hoxne RD ( ref no: 4a 599).

NBI gives age at burial as I year. Also gives name as “Henry”. 
PRECIOUS, Harry (I77)
31 1837online shows birth in Jan - Mar 1874 in Hoxne RD (ref no: 4a 579).

Birth date inferred from age given as 7 years at time of 1881 Census.

FreeBMD Rootsweb gives marriage as June 1878 in Hoxne (ref: 4a 835).

1901 Census shows her working as Nurse Maid Domestic in Chesterton, Cambridgeshire. 
PRECIOUS, Annie Elizabeth (I111)
32 1837online shows birth in Jan - Mar 1874 in Plomesgate RD (ref no: 4a 694).

LIved in Farnham, Suffolk in 1881.

In 1891 Census working as Domestic Servant (House Parlour Maid) for Ada Routh (?) at 9 Park Road, Southborough, Tonbridge, Kent. Age give as 17 years.

1901 Census shows her living in Shottermill, Surrey with her sister Ellen and husband William Harding and their two daughters. Occupation given as Dressmaker (own account at home).

1837online shows marriage in Jul - Sep 1903 in Farnham, Surrey (GRO ref no: 2a 287).

Known as Valentine Chuter. Copies of some personal sketches and a photo, together with descendants information provided by Ian Mills (NOT CHECKED).

1837online shows death of a Valentine S Chuter in Jan - Mar 1937 in Midhurst RD (ref No: 2b 744). Age given as 60 years which does not agree with birthdate (TO BE CHECKED).

Personal communication by Ian Mills confirms that at the time of her death she was living in Camelsdale Road, Camelsdale near Haslemere, Surrey just over the border in Sussex (hence the Midhurst registration).  
PRECIOUS, Sarah Valentina (I45)
33 1837online shows birth in Jan - Mar 1876 in Plomesgate RD (ref No: 4a 744).

Witness at brother Thomas’s marriage in Knightsbridge in 1897.

1901 Census shows her living at North Green, Parham, Suffolk working as a Housekeeper Domestic.

FreeBMD gives marriage in Sep 1904 (ref: Plomesgate 4a 1967). Had no children of their own but brought up daughter (Vi) of sister Eva, after her death in childbirth (according to Uncle Hugh personal communication).

Possibly buried in Trimley cemetery? 
PRECIOUS, Kate Eliza (I97)
34 1837online shows birth in Jan - Mar 1877 in Plomesgate RD (ref no: 4a 759).

1881 Census gives age as 4 years and born in Parham, Suffolk.

Kelly’s Directory for 1900 shows living at White House, Pettistree with occupation Farmer.

Shown as Farmer (employer) living at the White House, Pettistree, Suffolk in 1901 Census together with his widowed mother Jane Keeble, aged 54 years and born in Sibton, Suffolk. Age given as 24 years and status as Single.

1837online shows marriage in Oct - Dec 1911 in Plomesgate RD (GRO ref no: 4a 2415).

Kelly’s Directory for 1912 shows Frank Precious as licensee of White Horse PH in Rickinghall Superior, near Diss.

Death certificate gives age as 77 years and occupation as Retired Licensed Victualler. Living at Brook Road, Burgate, in sub-district of Eye & Stradbrooke, at time of death. Informant was son J D Precious living at Charters Towers, Redgrave, Diss in Norfolk. 
PRECIOUS, Frank (I104)
35 1837online shows birth in Jul - Sep 1870 in Hoxne RD (ref no: 4a 510). TO BE CHECKED (Family Relatives.com gives ref. as 4a 540). PRECIOUS, John Walter (I71)
36 1837online shows birth in Oct - Dec 1872 in Plomesgate RD (ref no: 4a 701).

Free BMD Rootsweb gives birth as December 1872 in Plomesgate (ref: 4a 701)

Lived in Farnham, Suffolk in 1881.

In 1901 Census living in Fosters Fields, Shottermill, Surrey with husband, two daughters and sister Sarah Valentine. Age given as 28 years (no occupation). 
PRECIOUS, Ellen (I44)
37 1837online shows birth in Oct - Dec 1885 in Hackney (ref no: 1b 542).

1837 online shows an Annie Precious marriage in Oct - Dec 1901 in Poplar (GRO ref no: 1c 1140). BUT DATES NEED TO BE CHECKED!! 
PRECIOUS, Annie Elizabeth (I237)
38 1837online shows birth in Oct - Dec 1888 in Alverstoke RD (near Portsmouth).

Served in Royal Marines.

1837online shows marriage in Jul - Sep 1915 in Epsom RD (ref no: 2a 30). Spouses name given as Girling. 
PRECIOUS, Edwin Henry (I374)
39 1837online shows birth in Oct - Dec 1890 in Hackney (ref no: 1b 482).

Not found in 1901 Census (possibly died?). 
PRECIOUS, William Henry (I422)
40 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. PRECIOUS, Flora E (I377)
41 1837online shows death in Oct - Dec 1898 in Mile End (ref no: 1c 294). Age given as 47 years. ?, Emma Julia (I152)
42 1841 Census shows a Robert Precious (15 years) working as a Builders Apprentice to a James Barkway (55 years), Builder, in Cross Street, Hoxne.

Shown as living and working in Redlingfield, Suffolk at time of 1851 Census (note: Census gives birthplace as Brockdish, Norfolk which is incorrect). TO BE CHECKED

1861 Census shows living at 3 Alfred Place in parish of All Saints, West Ham, Stratford St Johns, Essex with wife Nancy aged 43 years born in Woodbridge, Suffolk. Age given as 38 years and occupation as Carpenter.

FreeBMD Rootsweb gives marriage in March 1879 in Plomesgate (ref: 4a 844a). Presumably first wife died.

Living at Park Cottage, Sternfield, Suffolk at time of 1881 and 1891 Census.

Second name also given as Clutten.

Will proven 1900 (probate granted at Ipswich to William Jordon, Gentleman, effects of £151.16s.8d).

1837 Online shows death (aged 74) in Jul-Sep 1900 in Plomesgate RD (ref no: 4a 606) 
PRECIOUS, Robert Clutton (I51)
43 1841 Census shows Emma Precious (40 years born Suffolk, occupation Housekeeper) living with James Bush (45 years born Suffolk, occupation Butcher) and his son William Bush (3 years born Suffolk) in Back Lane, Aldeburgh (next to the Mill Inn). Two servants (one male and one female) and a lodger also living at same address.

Entry in Index of Wills for the Court of the Archdeacon of Suffolk for 1850 (ref: original will IC/AA1/271, registered copy IC/AA2/125 and SRO film reel no: J421/102) shows Maria Hart [sic] as testator and Emma Precious as witness. Maria (Emma's sister according to Anne Mellon, personal communication) shown as widow living in Aldeburgh and gives will date as 9 February 1850 and death date as 24 July 1850.

1871 Census shows her living at 47 Claude St, Ipswich with her two unmarried sisters, June (65 years Formerly Schoolmistress) and Mary Ann (66 years Formerly Ladies Maid) Heath. Age given as 71 years (born in Little Glemham) and occupation as Annuitant.

NBI 2nd Edition gives burial on 24 May 1880 (aged 80 years) in Ipswich. 
HEATH, Emma (I123)
44 1841 Census shows John Precious (6 years) staying with John (52 years) and Sarah (55 years) Teager in North Green, Parham.

Married his cousin in 1859 and farmed 50 acres in Woodbridge Road, Parham, Suffolk (employing 2 men).

1861 Census shows still farming 50 acres in Woodbridge Road with wife and daughter, Elizabeth (aged 1 year).

About 1865 moved to Great Glemham, Suffolk. Post Office Directory of Suffolk 1869 lists John Hunt Precious as Farmer living at Yeppers, Great Glemham.

Following death of wife (possibly in childbirth) in 1876, moved to Farnham, Suffolk.

1881 Census shows still living in Farnham, Suffolk, with 6 youngest children.

Not found in 1891 Census (probably died). 
PRECIOUS, John Hunt (I30)
45 1841 Census shows william (40 years) and Susan (35 years) living in Wingfield with eight children; James (16 years), William (15 years), Robert (13 years), John (10 years), Abraham (8 years), Thomas (6 years), Elizabeth (2 years) and Alfred (3 months).

1861 Census shows working as Blacksmith/ Farmer of 7 acres employing 1 man in Wingfield, with wife Susanna 58 years and 3 children; Elizabeth 21 years, Mary 13 years and Allen 18 years (occupation Blacksmith). Age given as 62 years.

Buried in St. Andrew’s Church, Wingfield, gravestone is close to the entrance on the right, under a tree overlooking the road and the De La Pole Arms public house.

NBI gives age at burial as 77 years. 
PRECIOUS, William (I48)
46 1851 Census Index lists Robert (57 years) and Elizabeth (64 years) Precious living in Lowestoft. ABBOTT ?, Elizabeth (I578)
47 1851 Census shows a Robert Precious (24 years born Wingfield) staying in barracks at St Margarets, Westminster with rank of Private.

1861 Census shows a Robert Precious, Colour Sergeant in the Royal Marines, living at Anglesea Barracks, Portsea, Hampshire and married to Maria. Age given as 32 years. 
PRECIOUS, Robert Nolloth (I59)
48 1851 Census shows Agnes (26 years born Lanark{sic}) married to James Jack (30 years born Lanark) and living at Castlegate, Lanark with 3 children; James (4 years born Lanark), William Somerville (2 years born Lanark) and John (10 months born Lanark). Also shows brother-in-law Hugh Somerville (13 years born Carstairs, occupation Scholar) and house servant Agnes Graham. SOMERVILLE, Agnes (I168)
49 1851 Census shows Agnes Somerville (46 years born Carstairs, occupation Proprietor/Farmer of 130 acres, employing 2 labourers, described as Widow) living at Covanhill with 5 children: Margaret (23 years born Carstairs), Euphemia (21 years born Carstairs), Marion (19 years born Carstairs), William (17 years born Carstairs) and Grace (14 years born Carstairs).

1861 Census shows William Somerville (27 years born Carstairs, occupation Land Proprietor and Farmer of 200 acres employing 4 labourers, described as Unmarried) living as Head of Household at Covanhill with mother Agnes (57 years born Carstairs, described as Widow), sister Margaret (35 years born Carstairs) and sister Marion (29 years born Carstairs), both described as Unmarried.

Shown as still living at time of marriage of son Hugh in Dec 1867 and of son William in Dec 1869.

No record of death in Lanark around 1870 although not found in 1871 Census in Carnwath or Carstairs. WHAT HAPPENED? 
ELDER, Agnes (I154)
50 1851 Census shows Hugh Somerville (13 years born Carstairs, occupation Scholar) staying with sister Agnes (26 years born Lanark{sic}) and husband James Jack (30 years born Lanark) at Castlegate, Lanark with their 3 children; James (4 years born Lanark), William Somerville (2 years born Lanark) and John (10 months born Lanark).

No sign of Hugh in 1861 Census WHERE WAS HE?

Farmed Ampherlaw Farm, Carnwath in 1871comprising 150 acres (140 arable) and employing 5 labourers.

Wife died in 1879 (following birth of last child) and sister Margaret (Peggy) joined family as housekeeper to look after the children.

Farmed Ampherlaw Farm, Carnwath in 1881comprising 153 acres arable land and employed 3 women, 1 boy and 1 man.

Moved whole family to Peacock’s Farm, Thorington, Suffolk between 1881 and 1891. Transported all farm equipment and animals from Scotland by chartered train to Darsham station (north of Saxmundham).

1891 Census shows Hugh (widower), James, Elizabeth (described as housekeeper), Agnes and Margaret living at Peacock’s Farm.

Died in mysterious circumstances in Thorington in 1897. Found dead while walking back from local pub to his farm. Ring and watch were missing so probably victim of robbery. Buried in churchyard at St. Peter’s, Thorington where gravestone can still be seen. Death certificate gives cause of death as Apoplexy following Inquest carried out on 5 Aug 1897 by Coroner for Suffolk A S Villiamy (?).

Peacock’s farm collapsed (bankrupt) after Hugh’s death and family left, probably during 1900. Agnes got married in March 1900 (her marriage certificate gives residence as Thorington) and James and Elizabeth moved to a farm in Great Glemham by 1901 Census. Later moved to Church Farm, Aldeburgh (personal communication Hugh Precious).

BVR Index gives birth date as 3 January 1838 which is confirmed by NBI data which gives age at burial as 59 years. 

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