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Arms of East Suffolk (Coastal)

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Arms of Yorkshire

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151 GRO ref no: St Georges Hanover Sq. 1a 906 Family F18
152 GRO ref no: Woodbridge 4a 917 Family F70
153 GRO ref: Bury St Edmonds 4a 1369 Family F58
154 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. PRECIOUS, John D (I362)
155 GRO ref: Henstead 13 257 Family F365
156 GRO ref: Hoxne 13 441 PRECIOUS, Alfred (I80)
157 GRO ref: Hoxne 4a 500 PRECIOUS, Kate (I72)
158 GRO ref: Hoxne 4a 579 PRECIOUS, Annie Elizabeth (I464)
159 GRO ref: Huddersfield 9a 312 SCOTT, Lucy Adelaide (I627)
160 GRO ref: Huddersfield 9a 363 SCOTT, Edith May (I12)
161 GRO ref: Huddersfield 9a 597 Family F6
162 GRO ref: Mildenhall 4a 473 PRECIOUS, William (I83)
163 GRO ref: Plomesgate 12 351 PRECIOUS, Sarah Ann (I32)
164 GRO ref: Plomesgate 4a 1533 Family F40
165 GRO ref: Plomesgate 4a 2415 Family F79
166 GRO ref: Plomesgate 4a 653 PRECIOUS, Edwin John Hunt (I39)
167 GRO ref: Woodbridge 4a 2790 Family F76
168 Had a farm in Kelvedon, Essex (Allshott’s Farm) that was taken over for an airfield in WWI and WWII (personal communication Hugh Precious).

Letter in Richard’s collection confirms names of children and name of farm.

A Hugh Smith attended burial of Thomas Precious in Guildford in January 1955 described as “nephew”. 
SMITH, James L (I114)
169 Had illegitimate daughter, Mary, with Alexander MacAllum (Ploughman) in 1847.

Subsequently married James Todd (Joiner) according to Parish Records of death of daughter Mary Somerville in 1879. 
SHAW, Elizabeth (I156)
170 Had illegitimate son named John Robb in 1895 (father identified as John Baxter but never married?). Then married James Russell abt 1897/98 and had three more children. ROBB, Margaret (I642)
171 Had infantile paralysis (polio) and confined to a wheelchair.

Witness - together with father and mother - at sister Hilda’s wedding on October 1940 in Campsea Ashe, Suffolk.

Informant on death certificate of father in April 1954 and described as living at Church Farm, Aldeburgh.

According to Uncle Hugh (personal communication), had dairy and milk delivery business in Aldeburgh and a caravan park (believed to be a millionaire when he died).

Death certificate shows died in Cottage Hospital, Aldeburgh on 16 November 1972 of bronchopneumonia with secondary muscular dystrophy (certified by Assistant Deputy Coroner after post mortem without inquest). Occupation given as Dairy Farmer at Church Farm, Aldeburgh.

The present-day housing development at Church Farm, Aldeburgh (probably built in the 1990’s) includes Somerville Lea (see photo), which is probably named after the Somerville family. The original farmhouse (close to the main road from A12 to Aldeburgh) is still there (much altered) and surrounded by modern houses. The caravan park still exists close to the northern sea front road to Leiston from Aldeburgh (called Church Farm Caravan Park). 
SOMERVILLE, James Ralph (I163)
172 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. SOMERVILLE, Edna Mary (I159)
173 Had two daughters Proudence (born Poplar, Middlesex) and Catherine L. (born Canning Town, Essex), aged 13 and 11 years respectively from previous marriage.

In 1891 census living in The Street, Palgrave, Suffolk with husband and two children, Age given as 56 years and occupation as Grocer (?).

1901 Census shows living at 196 Denmark St (?) in Lowestoft with daughter Proudence (33 years), son-in-law Frederick Fletcher, and 3 children. Age given as 66 years (born in Dennington) and occupation as On Own Means. 
174 IGI and Parish Registers give marriage of Martha Precious and John Dawkin on 20 August 1769 in Martlesham, Suffolk (probably Martha married again after Thomas’s death). Martha (I591)
175 Illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth, born after death of husband, James, two years earlier.

Described as singlewoman at time of marriage. Signed her name as “prescios” on parish register.

NBI entry gives age at burial of 83 years, which checks with birth entry.

PRECIOUS, Elizabeth (I133)
176 In 1871 Census living at Woodbridge Road, Parham, farming 124 acres employing 3 men and 2 boys. Age given as 27 years. REVETT, Robert Pattle (I214)
177 In 1891 Census Emily E Precious (22 years born Gosport, occupation Tailoress) living with her parents William and Emily Kite and their 5 children at 14 Talbot Terrace, Lewes, East Sussex together with her son Edwin H Precious (2 years born Gosport).

In 1901 Census, living in barracks at Forton, Hampshire with husband Edwin and two children Edwin (12 years born in Forton) and Elsie (7 years born in Forton). Age given as 32 years and born in Forton.

1837online shows death in Apr - Jun 1911 aged 42 years (ref: Epsom 2a 39). Possibly after complications in childbirth (unnamed male child died at birth in Epsom in Jul - Sep 1910, ref: Epsom 2a 36). 
KITE, Emily E (I373)
178 In 1901 Census living at Fosters Fields, Shottermill, Surrey with wife, two children and sister-in-law Sarah Valentine Precious. Age given as 27 years and occupation as Carpenter by Contract (employer). HARDING, William F (I465)
179 Killed in action at Thiepal in The Somme. WILKINS, John (Jack) (I516)
180 Known as “Gussie”.

1837online gives birth in Oct - Dec 1879 in Woodbridge RD (ref no: 4a 714).

Married and living at Church Farm, Parham at time of 1901 Census (only one child at Census time).

Emigrated to Canada in 1902. Family story that Robert abandoned family on the quay and Gertrude carried on to destination alone with child, is obviously not true. Birth of youngest daughter Olive in Ontario in 1906 suggests they stayed there after immigration before moving on to Saskatchewan.

1911 Canadian Census shows Gertrude living in Moosejaw, Sakatchewan with husband and two daughters (Olive shown as born in Ontario in 1906).

Photo’s and postcards in Richard’s collection show she lived at 2159 Retallack Street, Regina, Saskatchewan and became a grandmother.

Research by Saskatchewan Genealogical Society in Henderson Directories for Regina show eldest daughter Dorothy B Burrows working as clerk then stenographer from 1917 up to 1926. Gertrude H Burrows also mentioned in 1924 -1926 Directories. 
PRECIOUS, Gertrude Hart (I98)
181 Known as “Jack”.

Living at Allshot’s Farm, Kelvedon at time of birth (home of aunt Eva). 
PRECIOUS, John (Jack) Somerville (I17)
182 Known as “Lizzie”. MELLOR, Elizabeth (I92)
183 Left Wingfield before 1851 census ( probably 1850 on marriage)
Possibly living in Brockdish, Norfolk in 1851 and Wingfield in 1852 (birth of children).

1861 Census shows living in Foundry Terrace, Leiston with wife Adelaide (aged 43 years) and two children; Rosa (10 years born in Brockdish) and Arthur (9 years born in Wingfield). Age given as 35 years and occupation Blacksmith.

Living in Leiston, Suffolk in 1881 in Foundry Lane.

NBI gives age at burial of 71 years, which implies birth year of 1825.

1837online gives death in Apr - Jun 1896 in Blything RD (ref no: 4a 488). Age given as 71 years. 
PRECIOUS, William (I58)
184 Letter in Richard’s collection (dated May 10th 1969) from the eldest grand-daughter of Julia Ellen Martin (nee Barker). Her mother, Nellie Rosa Warren (nee Martin) stayed at Home Farm, Parham and remembered her cousins Jesse Precious, Tom Precious, Frank Precious. She personally new Bessie Merton and Kate Huckle.

Her late Aunt was Eva Smith (nee Precious) who lived at Allshott’s Farm, Kelvedon in Essex. She mentions having seen Catherine, Rosa, Janet, Violet and Hugh (Smith) recently.

She also mentions staying at Kessingland, Oulton Broad and Lowestoft with some of the...... (Preciouses?). Unfortunately, the rest of the latter is missing! 
BARKER, Julia Ellen (I251)
185 Lived at 7 Baker Street, Gorleston at time of birth. PRECIOUS, Frederick James (I20)
186 Lived at Netherhead (wood?) Main near Carnwath, Lanark (visited by cousin Barbara in 1948 and by cousin Joan in 1965 - personal communication on 18th July 2005). SANDERSON, Adam (I338)
187 Lived in Campsea Ash after marriage, from 1860 until possibly 1866, when husband died.

1861 Census gives age as 22 years, born in Hacheston, and Henry Thomas as 1 month old.

1871 Census shows living in East Dereham, Norfolk with son (10 yrs), daughter (8yrs) and mother (71 yrs). Age given as 38 years (must be 33 yrs!) and occupation as Let Lodgings (?). Also states born in Campsey Ash, Suffolk.

1881 Census shows her and two children living in East Dereham, Norfolk, gives her birthplace as Harleston, Suffolk not Hacheston (as given in Parham Parish Marriage Register) and age as 42 years, which gives birth as 1839. No occupation is shown, so presumably was supported by her two children, who had jobs.

1901 Census shows living at 2B Clemeters(?probably Cemetery?) Road, East Dereham, Norfolk aged 63 years and classified as “Living on Own Means”. Also states born in Campsey Ash, Suffolk.

Kelly’s Directory for Norfolk for 1904 and 1912 shows living at Cemetery Road, East Dereham.

NBI 2nd edition gives burial in East Dereham Cemetery on 26 November 1914 aged 76 years. 
ADAMS, Ann (I126)
188 Lived in Essex according to Nicky (personal correspondence). WILKINS, George (I502)
189 Lived in Fressingfield, Suffolk from 1856 - 1874; Weybread, Suffolk 1874 - abt 1880 and Ilketshall St. Andrew, Suffolk from abt 1880.

1861 Census shows living in Fressingfield (near Fox & Goose Inn) with wife Mary (26 years born in Raydon, Norfolk) and two children; Harriett 4 years and Susannah 9 months. Age given as 30 years and occupation as Wheelwright.

After death of first wife Mary abt May 1867, married second wife Mary Anne ??, who also died abt April 1874, then married third wife Mary Gresham (or Graham) abt 1878. FreeBMD Rootsweb gives marriage in June 1878 in Hoxne (ref: 4a 835).

1881 Census shows living at Ilketshall St Andrew aged 49 years with occupation as Master Wheelwright. Family comprises two adopted daughters from wife’s previous marriage and two daughters of his own.

In 1891 Census living in The Street, Palgrave, Suffolk with wife Mary and two children, Annie and Florence, and a domestic servant. Age given as 59 years. and occupation as Master Wheelwright and Beer Retailer. Wife’s occupation given as Grocer (?).

Kelly’s Directory for Suffolk in 1892 lists John Precious as Shopkeeper and Beer Retailer in Palgrave.

Shown as Carpenter Journeyman in Framlingham, Suffolk in 1901 Census. Age given as 70 years and boarding with an Eliza Strowger (61 years) in Castle Street. Status given as married but not living with wife and family ( nature of job or separated?). 
PRECIOUS, John Nolloth (I60)
190 Lived in Old Vicarage Nursing Home, Shelley (same place as Mum) from 1997 until May 2003, when moved to Trinity Street Nursing Home, Huddersfield and died there on 21 December 2003. GIBSON, Hilda (I351)
191 Lived in Trimley and was schoolteacher in Felixstowe? MERTON, George (I116)
192 Lived in Tunstall between marriage in 1792 and death in 1834. PRECIOUS, James (I46)
193 Lived in Tunstall working as wheelwright before moving to Parham abt 1835. Shown as occupier of Low Farm owned by the Thomas Mills Charities (vested in Framlingham) in 1839 Tithe Apportionments.

1841 Census shows John Precious (30 Years), Sarah (27 years), Allen (4 years) and Jesse (few months) living in Parham, together with Mary Precious (65 years, Independent) and Elizabeth Precious (35 years, Independent).

Shown as living in Woodbridge Road (possibly Low Farm?) in 1851. Farmed 232-255 acres at Home Farm in North Green from abt 1855 through to his death in 1885, when farm was occupied by his son, Jesse.

1861 Census shows living in North Green, Parham with wife Sarah (age 47 years born in Hacheston) and two children; Jesse 19 years and Sarah 12 years. Age given as 51 years and farming 232 acres, employing 6 men and 2 boys.

According to 1881 Census, after death of first wife in 1872, John took second wife Jane abt 1876. Free BMD Rootsweb gives marriage in December 1876 in Ipswich (ref: 4a 1322).

1837 Online shows death in Apr-Jun 1885 in Plomesgate RD (ref no: 4a 502). Death certificate shows died on 23 May 1885 aged 75 years in Parham (informant Edwin John Precious grandson).

Buried in Parham Churchyard. 
PRECIOUS, John (I23)
194 Lived in Whittinghame, near Haddington, East Lothian according to Nicky (personal correspondence). MITCHELL, William James S (I500)
195 Living at 7 Baker Street, Gorleston at time of birth.

Buried in the churchyard at St.Paul’s Church, Shepley, W.Yorkshire 
PRECIOUS, William (I19)
196 Living at Covanhill at time of 1861 Census, described as Unmarried.

According to John Robb (contact via Genes Reunited), Marion married in 1868 and marriage cert shows James Somerville married to Agnes Elder and Hugh Elder (Grandfather) as a Witness. On her death in 1915 her father was shown as Farmer. In 1868 when Marion married, her father was already dead but Agnes was still alive. 
SOMERVILLE, Marion (I171)
197 Living at Covanhill at time of 1861 Census, described as Unmarried.

Housekeeper to brother Hugh’s family at Ampherlaw Farm, Carnwath, Lanark, Scotland at time of 1881 Census.

Living at Covanhill, Carstairs (home of brother William) at time of death in 1901. Estate Duty document dated 10 June 1901 shows estate amounted to £421 14s 6d, on which £2 10s duty was paid. No will was found and she died intestate. 
SOMERVILLE, Margaret (I169)
198 Living at Covanhill of Mossplatt, Carstairs, Lanark when will signed on 1 August 1846. Will provided for eldest son William to inherit Covanhill and lands, youngest son Hugh to receive £500 at age 21 years and daughters Agnes, Margaret, Euphemia, Marion and Grace to receive £100 at age 21 years.

1861 Census shows Covanhill now owned by eldest son William, so James must have died.

Shown as deceased at time of marriage of son Hugh in Dec 1867. 
SOMERVILLE, James (I153)
199 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BRYANT, Terry Clive (I399)
200 Living in Dunsyre Village (Shawfield) at time of 1881 Census (retired Farmer). Age given as 62 years (DOES NOT CHECK).

Elizabeth Somerville (grandniece) aged 8 years (sic) born in Carnwath was visiting at the time. 
SHAW, Thomas (I448)

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