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Arms of East Suffolk (Coastal)

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Arms of Yorkshire

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51 1851 Census shows John Scott (26 years born Puddocke, Yorkshire, occupation Warehouseman), wife Jane (26 years born Lambcoat, Yorkshire) and son Thomas (1 year born Huddersfield) living at Birkby, Huddersfield.

John must have died in period 1851-1861. 
SCOTT, John (I629)
52 1861 Census shows her living alone at North Green, Parham aged 75 years. Shown as Widow and described as Independent.

Buried at Parham churchyard together with husband John and the shared gravestone gives her age at death as 81 years (the “1” could be a partly eroded “4”?). 
TITSHALL, Sarah (I34)
53 1861 Census shows Jane (36? years born Huddersfield, occupation Washerwoman, described as Widow) and 3 children; Thomas (11 years born Huddersfield, occupation Errand Boy), Eliza (9? years born Huddersfield) and John William (6? year born Huddersfield) living at Bradford Road, Fartown, Huddersfield.

1871 Census shows Jane (42? years born Bradford) now married to Joseph Lund (42 years born Kirkheaton, occupation Railway Labourer) and 6 children (2 from marriage to John Scott,1 from Joseph’s previous marriage and 3 from marriage to Joseph Lund); Thomas Scott (21 years born Hillhouse, occupation Grocer’s Assistant), John William (15 years born Hillhouse, occupation Telegraph Messenger), Ann Lund (15 years born Upper Heaton, occupation Drapery Assistant), Albert Lund (8 years born Hillhouse), Emma Lund (6 years born Hillhouse) and George Lund (4 years born Hillhouse). 
Jane (I628)
54 1861 Census shows living at Anglesea Barracks with husband. Age given as 31 years and born in Northampton, St. John’s(?). ?, Maria (I559)
55 1861 Census shows living at Henderson Yard, Stockton Street, Middlesborough and lodging with Alexander Stoker and his wife, Maria (who was born in Eye, Suffolk). Described as unmarried and 25 years old, with occupation as Farrier. PRECIOUS, Thomas (I63)
56 1861 Census shows visiting brother Allen and family in Campsey Ash. Age given as 19 years.

Age at marriage given as 22 years (incorrect as 1891 Census gives age as 49 years and 1901 Census as 59 years).

Witnesses at marriage given as John Precious (brother) and Sarah Precious (sister). 
PRECIOUS, Ellen (I85)
57 1861 Census shows William Somerville (27 years born Carstairs, occupation Land Proprietor and Farmer of 200 acres employing 4 labourers, described as Unmarried) living as Head of Household at Covanhill with mother Agnes (57 years born Carstairs , described as Widow), sister Margaret Somerville (35 years born Carstairs) and sister Marion (29 years born Carstairs), both described as Unmarried.

1871 Census shows living at Covanhill, Carstairs farming 187 acres (177 arable) and employing 1 man and 1 woman.

1881 Census shows living at Covanhill, Carstairs farming 187 acres (177 arable) and employing 1 man, 1 woman, 1 boy and 2 girls.

Acted as deponent and executor on death of sister Margaret Somerville in March 1901 (she was living at Covanhill at that time). 
SOMERVILLE, William (I172)
58 1861 Census shows working with father in Wingfield as Blacksmith, aged 18 years.

Living in Lowestoft in 1881 (unmarried) and boarding with a James Vincent at 10 Tonning Street.

1881 Census gives age as 36 years which disagrees with birth date.

FreeBMD shows death in Lowestoft in Sept 1884 aged 39 years (GRO ref: Mutford 4a 560)

NBI gives age at burial as 39 years, which conflicts with birth date. 
PRECIOUS, Allan Or Allen (I64)
59 1871 Census shows living in Stepney (Ratcliff) aged 45 years with sister Ellen (aged 29 years born Brockdish, Norfolk) and brother-in-law William Clow (aged 30 years born Parham, Suffolk). Occupation given as Commercial Traveller and status as unmarried. PRECIOUS, Charles (I498)
60 1881 Census gives age as 70 years which gives birthdate as 1811.

NBI gives age at burial as 79 years.

Personal communication Ken Wenden on 19 May 2005 gave christening, marriage and parents details. 
WENDEN, Eliza (I102)
61 1881 Census shows age as 36 years and born in Sibton, Suffolk.

Free BMD Rootsweb gives date of her remarriage in December 1886 in Plomesgate (ref:4a 1657), in year following John’s death.

1901 Census shows Jane Keeble (new married name?) aged 54 years, born in Sibton, Suffolk with relationship given as Frank Precious’s mother. 
GRAY, Jane (I103)
62 1881 Census shows living in Stoke Holy Cross, Norwich, Norfolk (see James entry).

No sign of Anne in 1891 Census (died?). 
MARKHAM, Anne (I473)
63 1881 Census shows Thomas Scott (30 years born Huddersfield, occupation Letter Carrier [Civil Service]), wife Elizabeth (27 years born Halifax) and 4 children; John Albert (6 years born Huddersfield), John William (4 years born Huddersfield), Jane Eliza (2 years born Huddersfield) and Edith May (1 month, born Huddersfield) living at Trevelyan Street, Dalton, Moldgreen. Also shows 2 Boarders staying with them.

1891 Census shows Thomas Scott (41 years born Moldgreen, occupation Tripe Dealer), wife Elizabeth (38 years born Moldgreen) and 5 children; John Albert (17 years born Moldgreen, occupation Painter Apprentice), John William (14 years born Moldgreen, occupation Cabinet Maker Apprentice), Jane Eliza (12 years born Moldgreen), Edith May (10 years born Moldgreen) and Lucy Adelaide (6 years born Moldgreen) living at Trevelyan Street, Dalton, Moldgreen. Also shows Elizabeth Hirst (20 years born Huddersfield, occupation Hearth Rug Weaver) and Alica Maud Garside (6 years born Moldgreen), both described as Niece.

Thomas must have died in period 1891 - 1901. 
SCOTT, Thomas (I607)
64 1891 Census shows living at Peacock’s Farm, Thorington with father and rest of family (described as Employed and occupation as Farmer’s Son).

Farmer at Pound Farm, Great Glemham, Suffolk at time of 1901 Census (age given as 33 years). Younger sisters, Elizabeth (age 29 years) and Margaret (age 21 years), also living with him as Housekeeper and Domestic Help respectively.

Free BMD shows marriage in Ipswich in September 1904 (ref: Ipswich 4a 1834).

Marriage certificate dated 28 September 1904 gives age as 36 years and profession Farmer, living in Great Glemham. Witness was Thomas Shaw Somerville (brother) and father shown as Hugh Somerville, Farmer (deceased).

1912 Kelly’s Directory of Suffolk shows James Somerville (Farmer) still living at Pound Farm, Great Glemham.

Living at Church Farm, Aldeburgh in October 1940 (witness at daughter Hilda’s wedding with profession given as Farmer).

1837Online gives death of James Somerville, aged 86 years in April/June 1954 (ref: Deben 4b 666).

Death certificate shows died at Church Farm, Aldeburgh on 10 April 1954 aged 86 years. Cause of death given as cerebral thrombosis, vascular degeneration and old age. Occupation given as farmer and informant was J R Somerville (son) of Church Farm, Aldeburgh. 
SOMERVILLE, James (I157)
65 1891 Census shows William (26 years, occupation Farmers Apprentice) living with William Deans (Farmer and Innkeeper) at the Black Horse, Lynn and Sutton road, Clenchwarton, Norfolk. Described as Lodger. PRECIOUS, William Edward (I669)
66 1901 Census gives Arthur married to Eleanor, aged 39 years and born in Horseleydown. Has one daughter of her own at time of marriage.

1901 Census shows they also took in boarders ( Charles Hart born 1877 in Lillingham, Essex and working at home as a Grocer’s Assistant). 
?, Eleanor (I235)
67 1901 Census shows Elizabeth (47 years born Halifax, occupation Chip Potato Shop Owner, Working At Home, described as Widow) and 4 children; John Willie (24 years born Huddersfield, occupation Train Guard), Jane Eliza (22 years born Huddersfield, occupation Telephone Operator), Edith May (20 years born Huddersfield, occupation Chip Shop Assistant) and Lucy Adelaide (16 years, born Huddersfield, occupation Sewing Cotton Labler?) living at 105 Wakefield Road, Dalton. Also shows Alice Maud Garside (16 years born Huddersfield, occupation Blacking Bottler), described as Niece. Elizabeth (I624)
68 1901 Census shows Jane Eliza (22 years born Huddersfield, occupation Telephone Operator) living at home with widowed mother and 3 siblings in Dalton.

BMDIndex shows marriage of Jane Eliza Scott and Harry Booth in Jun 1907 (ref: Huddersfield 9a 608).

Brought up niece Vera Gibson after death of sister Edith May Gibson (nee Scott) in 1912.

Died at 25 Charlton Road, Shepperton, Middlesex in March 1950 (ref: Middlesex South 5f 92) aged 72 years. 
SCOTT, Jane Eliza (I626)
69 1901 Census shows living at 16 & 17 High Street, Buttsbury with husband Abraham, stepson Sidney Plume and 5 children. PLUME, Lucy (I563)
70 1901 Census shows living with parents and family at Steam Packet Inn, Duke Street, Ipswich. Age given as 30 years and occupation Dressmaker on own account.

Marriage certificate dated 28 September 1904 gives age as 34 years (no profession) and living at Duke Street, Ipswich. Father shown as Edward Elliston with profession as Inn-Keeper. Witnesses given as Edward Elliston, S.B. Elliston (mother) and Bertha Elliston (sister).

In Memoriam Card in Richard’s collection. 
ELLISTON, Mary Gertrude (I160)
71 After husband’s death in 1862, Harriet continued to farm 120 acres, employing 4 men and 1 boy in Parham until about 1879 .

1871 Census shows her visiting her father James Clutten (82 years born in Fressingfield) and sister, Mary Anne (62 years born in Fressingfield) at The Grove, Denham, Suffolk (200 acres employing 7 men and 2 boys). Age given as 64 years and birthplace as Diss, Norfolk.

She moved to Woodbridge to live with youngest daughter Sarah in period 1879-1881. Lived at Sidney Villa, Dovic Place at time of 1881 Census.

1837online gives death in Jul - Sep 1887 In Plomesgate RD (ref no: 4a 456). Age given as 81 years.

Buried in Parham Churchyard.

Surname also given as Clutten. 
CLUTTON, Harriet (I50)
72 Age given as 20 years at time of 1901 Census (could be 29 years?).

Living at Church Farm, Parham at time of 1901 Census with occupation as Farmer (employer).

Kelly’s Directory of Suffolk lists Robert Austin Burrows, Farmer at Church Farm in 1900 but not in 1912 (checks with emigration to Canada in 1902).

FindMyPast shows an A Burrows (30 years), Gertrude (29 years), Dorothy (7 years) and Olive (infant) sailing from Liverpool to Montreal on 31st October 1907 on s.s.“Corsican” (Allan Line - Master Thos. Pickering). Must have been on return visit to UK?

1911 Canadian Census shows Robert Burrows, Gertrude and two daughters, Dorothy and Olive, living in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan. Occupation given as Farmer. Date of immigration to Canada given as 1902. 
BURROWS, Robert Austin (I115)
73 Age given as 20 years at time of marriage.

Details from personal communication with Joy Coxon. 
VINCENT, Arthur Edward (I198)
74 Also given as Cockrell.

Probably the “Mary Precious” staying with John Precious in North Green, Parham (close to Great Glemham) at the time of the 1841 and 1851 Census (inferred date of birth from 1841 Census is 1776 but age probably rounded down to 65).

Buried in St. Michael’s Church, Tunstall. 
75 Also recorded as “Wendal”.

1837online gives marriage in Oct - Dec 1869 in Plomesgate RD (ref: Plomesgate 4a 1416).

1837online gives death in Oct - Dec 1890 in Plomesgate RD (ref no: 4a 573). Age given as 45 years.

Buried in Parham churchyard.

NBI gives surname as “Pretious”. 
BARKER, Rosa Wenden (I8)
76 Also recorded as Teaguer.

1851 and 1861 Census give birthplace as Hacheston, Suffolk.

NBI gives age at burial as 59 years.

Buried in Parham Churchyard. 
TEAGER, Sarah (I24)
77 Also shown as “Mary Ann”.

Working as dairymaid at Marlesford Hall in 1851.

Buried in Parham churchyard. 
PRECIOUS, Mary Anne (I52)
78 Also written as Cockrell. COCKERILL, Benjamin (I134)
79 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. HARPER, Martin John (I397)
80 Ancestry BMD database gives birth as July-August-September 1907 but death record gives birth as 31 May (TO BE CHECKED).

Marriage certificate gives age as 30 years (TO BE CHECKED) and residence as Church Farm, Aldeburgh. Father given as James Somerville, profession Farmer. Witnesses listed as J. Somerville (father) and J.R. Somerville (brother).

According to Uncle Hugh (personal communication), owned cafe on Aldeburgh seafront (Copper Kettle?). Could be daughter Elizabeth and her husband! TO BE CHECKED.

Possibly took over Church Farm when brother James died in 1972? 
SOMERVILLE, Hilda Edith (I158)
81 At time of 1881 Census was visiting Thomas & Margaret Shaw (granduncle/grandaunt) in Dunsyre Village, Lanark (NB: age given as 8 years which does not fit with IGI data).

In 1891 Census shown as living at Peacock’s Farm, Thorington, Suffolk with father and rest of family. Described as Employed and occupation as Housekeeper. Age given as 19 years which confirms November 1871 birth date.

In 1901 Census shown as living in Great Glemham with brother James and described as Housekeeper (age given as 29 years).

According to Uncle Hugh (personal communication), had two sons Adam (killed?) and Hugh. Adopted a son, George, who emigrated to New Zealand with wife Renee? 
SOMERVILLE, Elizabeth Shaw (I166)
82 Bank Manager in Edinburgh. SOMERVILLE, Thomas Shaw (I165)
83 Birth certificate of James gives Mother as Ellen Frances Precious (nee Bane) living at Cross Cherry Street, Lakenham, Norwich, Norfolk.

According to FamilyRelatives.com (BMD), died in in Norwich in third quarter 1868 aged 42 years (ref: Norwich 4b 111). 
BANE, Ellen Frances (I483)
84 Birth certificate of son James on 30 May 1859 gives Father as James Precious and father’s occupation as Shoemaker.

1861 Census shows James living in Portland Square, Lakenham with wife Ellen (34 years born in Norwich) and 5 children: Hannah (12), Ellen (10), Mary (6), Emma (4) & James(1). All children born in Norwich. Age given as 36 years and occupation as Shoemaker.

1871 Census shows James, Anne and nine children living at Gt.(?) Cherry Street, Lakenham, Norwich. Age given as 46 years (could be 40?) and occupation as Boot & Shoe Maker. Children born in various places (Poringland, Norfolk; Kent (twice); Norwich, Lakenham (four times); Leeds and London) suggests that family probably comprises three sets of offspring; one set from James and Ellen, one set from Anne’s first marriage and one set from James and Anne.

1881 Census shows living in Stoke Holy Cross near Norwich aged 56 years and occupation Shoemaker. Also shows wife, Anne, plus two stepchildren, Frank James(20) and Anne Elizabeth(12) Markham, and two other children, Frederick William(11) and Florence Maud(8) Precious, both born in Norwich.

According to familyrelatives.com James died in 1st Quarter 1890 aged 64 years (ref: Henstead 4b 143).

1891 Census shows Frank James Markham occupation Shoemaker at same address with wife Alice (aged 29 years born Stoke Holy Cross) and daughter Florence L Markham (aged 6 years born Norwich?), together with Frederick William Precious (stepbrother aged 21 years with occupation Agricultural Labourer). 
PRECIOUS, James (I57)
85 Birth date inferred from age at marriage of 31 years. 1901 Census gives age as 60 years which suggests born in 1841.

1871 Census shows living with brother-in-law Charles Precious in Stepney (Ratcliff), together with wife Ellen. Age given as 30 years and occupation as Carpenter.

Living in Little Glemham, Suffolk at time of 1891 and 1901 Census. 
CLOW, William (I202)
86 Birth date inferred from marriage date and assumed age of 25 years (TO BE CHECKED).

Marriage of Thomas and Elizabeth Burrows given in 1705 in Phillimores Marriage Index.

Probably married again after first wife died, according to Phillimores Marriage Index which lists marriage of Thomas Precious and Susan Baggot in 1715 (TO BE CHECKED). 
PRECIOUS, Thomas (I593)
87 Birth date inferred from Parish Records which give age at marriage as 28 years. NESLING, Susan Henrietta (I204)
88 Birth record shows mother’s maiden name as Cohen.

Marriage certificate dated 24 October 1940 shows Dennis Leslie Ernest Prevett (28 years, born Dungeness, Kent with profession Lance Corporal R.A.M.C). Father given as Henry Prevett, profession Head Cellarman. Married under licence at parish church of Campsea Ashe, Suffolk.

Informant on James Ralph Somerville’s death certificate in November 1972 (described as Brother-in-Law living at 63 King Georges Avenue, Leiston, Suffolk).

The present-day housing development at Church Farm, Aldeburgh includes Prevett Way, which is probably named after the Prevett family (possibly lived at Church Farm after James Ralph died ?). 
PREVETT, Dennis Leslie Ernest (I164)
89 Birth year inferred from 1901 Census which gives age as 37 years and born in Haverhill, Suffolk.

Kelly’s Directory for 1912 lists Mrs Mary Ann Precious as Registrar of Births & Deaths for Rougham District and Relieving & Vaccination Officer for 2nd District, Bury St Edmunds Union. Shown as living at Bradfield St George. Must have taken over from husband when he died? 
?, Mary Ann (I234)
90 Birthyear calculated assuming 25 years old at marriage.


The parentage shown is not confirmed but seems to fit the dates. 
PRECIOUS, James (I131)
91 Block H217 (no headstone) HORLER, Augusta Agnes (I113)
92 BMDIndex shows marriage in June 1915 (ref: Woodbridge 4a 2790). Spouses surname given as Murton.

Lived in Felixstowe at the time of father’s (Jesse Precious) death in 1921.

Lived in Trimley, near Felixstowe (later?). 
PRECIOUS, Bessie H (I99)
93 Born at Bank Bottom (Barden’s Yard?), Shelley, W.Yorkshire.
Died at 1 Sycamore Court, Highburton, W.Yorkshire. 
PRECIOUS, Jesse (I3)
94 Born at 17 Victoria Street, Dalton, W.Yorkshire.
Died in The Old Vicarage Residential Home, Shelley, W. Yorkshire.

Address given as 176 New Hey Road, Oakes in 1920 (Prudential Assurance policy taken out in name of Vera Gibson on 27 December 1920 at age 12 years). Policy was made “paid-up” in 1948 and redeemed in June 2001 by R G Precious (executor) for £104.76.

Some time after mother died in childbirth in 1912, brought-up by the Booth’s who owned a grocer’s shop in Kirkburton (possibly mother’s sister). 
GIBSON, Vera (I4)
95 Burial ceremony presided over by J H Hunt, Vicar of Weedon-Beck, Northamptonshire PRECIOUS, James (I117)
96 Burial of an Elizabeth Precious shown on 24 February 1714 in Campsea Ash according to IGI (TO BE CHECKED). BURROWS, Elizabeth (I594)
97 Buried in Parham Churchyard .

1861 Census shows Allen and family farming 98 acres in Campsey Ash, employing 3 men and 1 boy. Age given as 29 years. Younger sister Ellen Precious, born in Brockdish, was also present aged 19 years and described as Visitor.

Gravestone gives name as Allan.

NBI gives surname as “Pretious”. 
PRECIOUS, Allen (I81)
98 Buried in Parham Churchyard.

NBI gives surname as “Pretious”. 
PRECIOUS, John (I87)
99 Buried in Parham Churchyard. PRECIOUS, Henry (I82)
100 Buried in the churchyard at St. Paul’s Church, Shepley, W. Yorkshire PRECIOUS, Thomas Barker (I18)

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